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Button says strong start is a must

Jenson Button says a strong start to the season is a "must" if his McLaren team is to be fighting for the titles again.
"This team wants to win the world championship," said Button during the launch of the new MP4-26 car in Berlin.
"We have a positive outlook on the season ahead, I'm looking forward to Bahrain and starting the season strongly - because that's a must."
The 2009 world champion admitted he is feeling more comfortable inside McLaren's car now that he has been able to give his input for its design.
"I feel a lot more at home now, a lot lower in the car, more comfortable. I feel more like a part of the car. I haven't driven it yet of course, but I feel good. I am the limiting factor because I'm the taller driver. But I'm happy that my voice is being heard."
Button scored two wins in his maiden season with McLaren last year, but was ruled out of the title fight near the end of the championship.
The Briton enters his second season with the team in a year with many regulations changes, and he admitted it was hard to tell how they will influence racing.
"We need to see what the case is with the rear wing, we won't know until we get to races," he said. "It can only be activated when you're within one second, and it's very difficult to get into one second in the first place because of the way the downforce works.
"There is less downforce this year, so maybe we can run closer and maybe it will be easier to overtake. I don't know yet. The thing for me is that in 2010 there was quite a lot of overtaking, and when those moves did happen, when you make a move that comes off it's such a buzz - it really is - because it's not easy.
"I don't know what it will be like with the moveable wing, if you get the same sensation or not, I don't know yet."

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